5 Ways to Experience New Awakenings with the New Voyage Collection from Regent Seven Seas Cruises®


Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ new voyage collection offers limitless opportunities to delve further into the world, gaining fresh perspectives of things both new and old along the way and inspiring new awakenings within us.

Just across the gangway, wonders of modern cities and natural wonders await, eager to expand our experience of the destinations around us. Behind the eyes of a local merchant, a curtain of trees in a rainforest, or an intricately built architectural landmark, are secrets and mysteries to be revealed through future travels.

Join us, as we explore some of the many ways in which you can discover new awakenings with Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ newest voyage collection.

1. New Cities to Explore: The Places You’ll Go

Oozing with style, the stunning, ever-changing skyline of Doha, Qatar is sure to capture your attention. Modern shopping malls are juxtaposed with traditional souqs and the streets are lined with luxurious high-rise hotels and internationally inspired restaurants. Here, you can explore Souq Waqif, a vibrant shopping complex with centuries of ancient charm. Or, wander through Katara Cultural Village, home to world-class galleries, an opera house, and a classical Greek amphitheater. 

An artistic and cultural hub, the architectural innovation and the fascinating history of Londonderry (or Derry) in Northern Ireland also marries the old with the new. Upon entry into the city, you’ll notice an enclosure of stone gates, watchtowers, and cannons left behind by sieges of the 17th century. With a few more steps, a short walk will lead you to Peace Bridge, a winding curve of stunning infrastructure and historic symbolism built in 2011.

In Salerno, Italy, something new awaits just around the corner. Seemingly tranquil at first, the pulse of the city can be found along the historic centre where medival churches share the same space as the seafront promenade, Lungomare Trieste, a recent investment of the city’s urban regeneration program known for its tree-lined streets and spectacular mountain views.

2. New Wildlife Adventures: Becoming One with Nature

The forests, oceans and mountains of our world have a shared commonality; they are everchanging and evolving. With Regent Seven Seas Cruises, you are invited to experience these ecosystems, observing their intricacies and admiring the raw beauty of the animal, plant and marine life that inhabit them.

In Manaus, Brazil, the winding rainforest landscape brims with wildlife, engaging each of the senses for an otherworldly experience. Taste the sweet dew in the air, hum to the sound of chatter from macaws, toucans and parakeets perched in the treetops, witness the soft rose hues of pink dolphins gliding through Amazonian waters, and feel the rush of excitement flow through you as you experience its awe.

Travel to Sitka, Alaska to discover the abundant marine and wildlife in one of the world’s most beautiful coastal environments. Friendly sea otters playfully engage with one another, bald eagles soar overhead, and black bears graze among the breathtaking mountainous landscape.

Accessible from Richards Bay, South Africa, Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park offers breathtaking views spanning across a vast, rolling landscape. The oldest proclaimed nature reserve in Africa, the park’s lack of thick vegetation is excellent for spotting wildlife on a thrilling open-air, off-road safari. Marvel at a spectacular variety of bird and animal life, including majestic white rhinos, strikingly beautiful giraffes, blue wildebeests and grazing buffalo.

3. New Natural Wonders: Hot Springs, Mud Baths, and Deserts… Oh My!

Known for its dynamic geothermal activity, Rotorua, New Zealand is a natural wonderland of bubbling mud pools, shooting geysers and natural hot springs. The landscape is a playground of scenic highlights, boasting turquoise, blue-green hues and lush plant life. Make sure to experience Haumaurana Springs, the deepest natural spring on the North Island – sprouting over 260,000 gallons of water every hour.

Opposite the Indian Ocean, one of the world’s only coastal deserts – the Namib Sand Sea – flows right up to the waves of the South Atlantic Ocean. Winding across over 740,000 acres, this UNESCO World Heritage Site houses two dune systems – one old, and the other new. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty where the unique atmosphere provides an exceptional view of the landscape by day, and the dazzling sky at night.

In Asia, the earth continues to offer spectacular natural wonders. Billowing steam escapes the earth through geothermal vents in Beppu, Japan, making for the perfect onsen bath. Here, hundreds of hot springs are scattered throughout the land. So much so, that in the winter months the entire town is filled with the warm, escaping steam.

At Takegawara Onsen, you can be covered from neck to toe in warm sand heated by the natural thermal springs for a traditional sand bath, said to have medicinal effects that detoxify and rejuvenate the body. Or, on the southwest end of Beppu, Japan, enjoy a relaxing dip with a magnificent view at Kankaiji, sitting atop the highest point in the city.

4. New Beaches to Enjoy: Soft Sands and Rolling Waves

The soft sand and rolling waves of beach destinations featured in Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ new voyage collection instantly inspire travelers to cast their worries aside and get blissfully lost in dreamy ocean views.  

If you closed your eyes to envision paradise, certainly, stunning images of the Maldives would come to mind – hundreds of islands surrounded by warm, emerald waters, luxurious overwater bungalows, magnificent underwater caves and corals, and bioluminescant shores. Located in South Asia, the Maldives is an iconic destination brimming with promises of new discoveries on water and land.

Should you need another option, take a dip in the gentle aquamarine waters of Isla Saona, lined with fine white-sands and swaying palm trees. A restorative escape along the Caribbean Sea, this picture-perfect marvel in the Dominican Republic attracts tourists and locals alike. Make sure to take a catamaran ride from Bayahibe, stopping at the piscina natural, a shallow sandbank with crystal clear waters, and nearby cocktail service.

5. New Onboard Memories: A Personalized Experience

Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ new voyage collection offers a wide array of new cities, wildlife encounters, idyllic beaches to explore, and an unwavering commitment to personalized service. The onboard experience is centered on a continuous desire and effort to ensure that every guest feels like the only guest.

New memories are formed on board with phenomenal crew members who are accommodating, intentional and genuine. Whether your time on board is spent sampling the exquisite tastes of our new signature cocktail collection aboard Seven Seas Splendor® or enjoying a mindful reprieve in Serene Spa and Wellness® aboard Seven Seas Explorer®, you’ll quickly realize that the possibilities on The World’s Most Luxurious Fleet™ are seemingly endless.

Join us, as we explore the globe and all its wonder from the comforts and care of our perfectly sized ships on 148 NEW voyages. Answer the call and uncover new awakenings throughout the planet with Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

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