Part of what makes Europe so magical is that it’s never the same experience twice, especially from one season to the next. For instance, you can travel to St. Tropez in July or August when the beaches and the people are at their most glamorous, or you can go one month later when the weather is a bit milder, the atmosphere is quieter and the first rosé of the season is ready to be sampled. Both experiences are wonderful, offering different perspectives of the same beautiful town.

A sudden change in the weather can also transform a destination. I remember choosing Sorrento for a photo shoot, as the weather here is predictably gorgeous with its lush hills and sparkling blue water, not to mention year-round sunlight. However, as soon as we set up our cameras, what felt like buckets of water began pouring down. Our models and photographer sought shelter from the downpour and Sorrento transformed before my eyes. There were moments when the sun powered through the rain, causing the cobbled streets below look like they were made of glass and the lemon trees sparkle and glisten. After the rain stopped, the sky turned a shade of magenta I’d never seen before – it was simply breathtaking.

I had a similar experience just outside of Lisbon, in Sintra, at the extraordinary Quinta da Regaleria. Its unusual geography, nestled in a stretch of hills, was the perfect location to film. But, this time, it was the fog that stole the show. It was mid-October and we were among the few visitors that afternoon, allowing us to see the balance and harmony of the gardens in every direction, until the fog began rolling in. It engulfed the verdant paradise of the palace and its walled gardens. It was ethereal and wonderfully cinematic; I was able to capture it.

No matter how many times I visit the continent, I always come away with a sense of yearning to return. I hope you too will be inspired to visit Europe with Regent Seven Seas Cruises and capture your own perfect moments, both in person and on camera.

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