Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1503, little did the soon-to-be-famous voyager know his exploration would be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Named Las Tortugas, as the sole residents were turtles, the islands eventually found a permanent name in 1530 after the Caimanas (crocodiles).  Grand CaymanCayman Brac and Little Cayman, are three individual islands that make up the Cayman Islands. Grand Cayman, the largest of the three islands, features the port of call and capital city of George Town.

While shopping and visiting historical and cultural sights remain popular activities on the island, the real draw lies in the extensive range of aquatic pursuits. The Cayman Islands are known as a proverbial playground for sunbathers, snorkelers, and scuba divers alike. With its stunning coral reefs, pristine white sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters, it is easy to see why.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises® offers a variety of excursions tailored to your interests. The Turtles, Stingrays Land & Sea Adventure begins with a drive along scenic Seven Mile Beach to the island’s Turtle Farm for a guided tour. While visiting the Turtle farm, guests encounter Loggerheads, rare Kemp’s Ridleys (the smallest of the species) and a turtle hatchery on display. Next stop is the Cayman Islands Yacht Club where a snorkel boat takes you to the famous island attraction, Stingray City. Here you can snorkel and become acquainted with members of the Southern Stingray family (“Sugar Ray,” “Ray Charles” and “Martha Ray” to name a few) and feed them with your hands.

If you would like to experience all the sea has to offer without getting wet, the Atlantis Submarine excursion is for you. The 65-foot-long Atlantis XI Submarine transports up to 48 passengers to the Grand Cayman’s Underwater Marine Park to depths of up to 100 feet (the vessel’s sea-level pressure ensures a smooth ride). As part of your underwater adventure, you may encounter coral canyons, tropical fish, sea turtles and sea sponges.

Water enthusiasts enjoy the Discover Scuba tour that begins with a dive at Casuarina Point Reef with a view of the beautiful coral reefs as well as interesting marine life such as stingrays, manta rays, tarpons and eels. One of Grand Caymans most renowned shipwrecks, the Cali, can be explored as part of the Grand Cayman Snorkeling experience. The trip includes a visit to a popular dive site where an abundance of fish that includes sergeant majors, parrotfish and angelfish can be found.

George Town is one of the many exotic ports of call on Seven Seas Navigator. Experience the charms of the Cayman Islands and see why it is one of the Caribbean’s most exciting destinations, learn more.

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