The Ultimate Luxury: Suite Sleep on board Seven Seas Splendor

Regent Seven Seas Cruises gives guests the freedom to explore the world and immerse themselves in destinations off-ship, while extraordinary luxury, comfort and service always await back on board. On Seven Seas Splendor, the ship that perfects luxury, extreme comfort while you sleep is elevated to a new level in the Regent Suite.

Ensuring you achieve the ultimate blissful eight-hour slumber, Regent Seven Seas Cruises  is proud to feature the gold standard in mattresses in the master bedroom of the lavish and well-appointed Regent Suite on Seven Seas Splendor. Developed by the centuries-old Swedish company Hästens (167 years to be exact), the Vividus mattress is the Hermès, Mercedes and Bulgari of mattresses –with a $189,000 price tag to match. And with a cult following that includes everyone from celebrities, athletes and musicians to tastemakers and the Swedish Royal Family, the iconic mattress is both a status symbol and a vital necessity.


Much like the Belgians with chocolates and the Swiss with watches, the Swedes are synonymous with helping the world sleep since the 19th century. Hästens began their company in 1852 making saddles for the Swedish Royal Family, serving as tailors and upholsterers and honing their craft with equestrian goods and beds using horsetail hair in the Köping factory. As the primary material, genuine horsetail hair is hypoallergenic and functions as a mini-spring of sorts which is necessary for comfort. Each strand is bunched to act as springs, and its unique qualities serve as a ventilation system vital in keeping body temperatures cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Layered between cotton (softness and comfort), wool (climate control) and flax (noise and vibration suppressor), these sustainable and all-natural materials are the very ones used going back to 1852. The trifecta of cotton, horsetail hair and wool allow the bed to breathe while setting the stage for the perfect night’s shut-eye.


Today the mattress is crafted just as it has been for centuries. Four master artisans spend 18 months, 320 hours, and 450 pounds of material for one mattress constructed in the classic Swedish style, with dovetail joints instead of screws and nails.

The proof is in the sleep and another example of Seven Seas Splendor perfecting luxury at sea.

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