Discover Costa Rica’s Caribbean Culture

As the largest city in Costa Rica, Puerto Limón offers a glimpse into the culture of this captivating country. Located on the eastern coast, the city commonly known as Limón (Spanish for lemon) is famous for its vibrant culture that is evident in its Victorian Caribbean architecture, food, and music scene. Enjoy the colorful open-air markets, take in the culture at the museums and don’t be surprised when you see a sloth or two hanging from the Ficus trees at Parque Vargas.


One of the world’s most popular eco-destinations, Costa Rica is also known for its exotic animals and unique wildlife (toucans, blue morpho butterflies and howler monkeys are all Instagram-worthy), exhilarating adventures (the country literally put zip-lining on the map) and its lush, misty rainforests.


One of the many exciting stops on a  Seven Seas Navigator voyage, the Caribbean Train, Eco Cruise & Countryside and Eco Jungle River Cruise excursions are the perfect way to see the region. Board a historic (and recently restored) open-air train to a relaxing cruise through the Tortugeuro’s network of canals (also known as the Amazon of Costa Rica).  Have your camera ready to snap sightings of over 300 species of birds, white-faced spider monkeys and sloths nestled in the idyllic almost mystical landscape and manatees and caiman in the tranquil waters. Benefiting from the heavy rainfall, flora and fauna (orchids and water lilies are in abundance) add to the area’s beauty.


For a breathtaking aerial view of the rainforest, the Veragua Rainforest & Aerial Tram and the Rainforest Extravaganza will not disappoint.  The day of discovery begins with a visit to the Veragua Rainforest and Research Center followed by a tour of the private sustainable 3,400-acre adventure park and the largest reserve in Central America. Surrounded by 100 percent rainforest, a naturalist guide will lead you through live exhibits (Reptile, Frog and the Butterfly Garden) in an interactive set-up designed by the National Biodiversity Institute. 

An aerial tram (gondola) gently glides you through the treetops (again, camera alert – colorful birds and monkeys await) and marvel at the majestic 300-year-old trees and unobstructed views of the largest virgin protected rainforest La Amistad National Park.  Next up is the centuries-old Trail of the Giants on the Victoria River. Named after the massive trees that border the trail, the “rainforest cathedral” is perfect for a stroll or a hike and culminates with a view of a 65-foot waterfall.

And if you’re looking for a chance to support sustainability, take a moment to walk through an organic orchard and plant a tree with local residents who work at the park. 


For a cultural excursion, the Hacienda Tayutic Experience offers a visit to a century-old hacienda and plantation owned by the Ortuño Family who grow sugarcane, coffee and who harvest macadamia nuts from the farm’s 17,000 trees. Located in the hills of Turrialba, the fourth generation family farm offers a look at the ancient methods of growing and processing sugarcane and coffee beans. The magnificent views of the Reventazón River, dam and valley along with the exotic hummingbird-filled gardens and charming colonial 19th-century chapel are both picturesque and memorable.

To learn more about our Caribbean voyages, click here.

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