When you think of the phrase Wonders of the World, perhaps the Colosseum in Rome, India’s Taj Mahal, and Peru’s Machu Picchu come to mind. A concept that dates back to fifth century BC as a way for the Greek and Persians to herald their achievements in art and architecture, today’s list of man-made and natural sights is much longer than the original seven wonders.


Specializing in awe-inspiring and alluring destinations, Regent Seven Seas Cruises has recently released the new Wonders of the World collection. Exciting ports of call from Singapore to Istanbul and Lima to Auckland offer the chance to expand your horizons and visit some of the world’s truly magnificent and breathtaking wonders. Sailing in 2021, there is no time like the present to plan your 13- 23-night journeys with many of the enticing inclusions synonymous with a Regent Seven Seas Cruise – FREE Unlimited Shore Excursions, multiple in-port overnights, visits to dozens of UNESCO World Heritage sites and FREE Pre-or Post-cruise land programs on select voyages.


The Summer on the Frontier cruise from Miami to Lima, Peru offers an opportunity to trek to the ancient Incan ruins and sacred archaeological marvel Machu Picchu. Filled with monolithic stone statues, the storied Easter Island is featured on the Secrets of Easter Island & Beyond voyage from Lima to Auckland while you can explore all that Australia and New Zealand has to offer on the Kiwis to Koalas cruise. A melting pot of culture, cosmopolitan life and the ancient temples of Asia’s A-list destination of Singapore can be discovered on the Glistening Shores & Serene Temples journey that begins in the spectacular harbor town of Sydney, Australia.


If the diversity of cultures, modern architecture and glamour set against a backdrop of a desert is of interest, the Golden Sands & Sapphire Skies cruise from Singapore to Dubai will not disappoint. And the Ancient Wonders cruise from Dubai to Istanbul highlights the spiritual mecca of Jerusalem where you can experience the ancient times of the Holy City.

No matter where your journey takes you to one or more of the Wonders of the World destinations, an unforgettable time awaits.

To learn more about our Wonders of the World voyages click here.


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