Spotlight Voyages Part II: Craft Beer, Spirits and Music

Unique and non-traditional, innovative full-flavored beers (commonly known as craft beer) are here to stay. The higher quality, seasonal flavors and exotic array of brews (everything from orange peels to honey) are just a few of the reasons craft beers stand out from the pack. One of the best places to sample microbrews is none other than Alaska which boasts some of the best breweries in the country. Aboard Seven Seas Mariner®’s Anchorage to Vancouver voyages sailing on June 20th and September 2nd, guests can enjoy a Spotlight on Craft Beer & Spirits experience that features a renowned “brewmaster” who will introduce tastes and varieties of craft beer as well as unique libations seasoned with local flavors.


A visit to Juneau’s historic Amalga Distillery is also on tap where a custom 250-gallon copper and brass pot from Kentucky produces flavorful botanically-infused gins, rhubarb, blueberry and spruce spiked vodkas and single malt whiskeys, all distilled from Alaska grain. Located in the old Alaska Light & Power building, a tour of the Alaskan Brewing Company rounds out your visit where you can learn about the history, fermentation and bottling of award-winning beers.  Get an up close and personal look of the evolution of whiskey (be sure to try their Juneauper Gin!) and enjoy a cocktail in the actual stillhouse where the spirits are made!

Courtesy of the Spotlight on Music program aboard Seven Seas Explorer®’s August 24th voyage, aficionados will enjoy the sounds of award-winning soloist, chamber and orchestral musician Ignace (a.k.a. Iggy) Jang of the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra who dazzled audiences throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.


Known for his love of musical genres outside the traditional classical (he first picked up a violin at the age of five), The Virtuoso Violinist’s wide-ranging tastes run from sixties pop tunes (Motown) to the music of Argentinean tangos. The Spotlight on Music program also features two intimate concerts onboard as well as an evening performance in Russia’s cultural capital of St. Petersburg.

Check back next week for the final part of our series as we take a look at Spotlight Voyages focusing on Public Broadcasting and Social & Competitive Bridge.

View all featured programs available in the exclusive Spotlight Voyages collection.

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