Explore the Flavors of Italy Part II

Part two of our Flavors of Italy blog series explores the celebrated cuisine of Capri and Venice, plus we include a few of our favorite FREE Unlimited Shore Excursions that are sure to meet your taste as you explore the alluring ports of Italy in all-inclusive luxury. Where will your palate lead you?

Fruits of Sorrento & Capri


The Sorrentine Peninsula is charming on so many levels. Her beauty alone is reason enough to visit, yet the local specialties will make this destination a feast for your senses.

buon appetito

While you’re here, make sure to plan a day trip to Capri, one of the most celebrated Italian islands, noted for its natural beauty and its olives. Green olives are incredibly fresh and produce delicious olive oil — the perfect accompaniment for an authentic Caprese salad.


When Sorrento gives you lemons… have them in ice cream, marmalades, curd, and certainly in limoncello, the famed lemon liqueur. The local variety here is juicier and sweeter than regular lemons. Their exquisite flavor comes from a combination of the volcanic soil, warm climate and sea breeze. And lucky for you, the first fructification occurs in October, producing the juiciest fruits of the year.

A Sip of Venice, A Taste of Verona


Ancient cobblestone streets wind their way to tempting cafes, lively bars and fabulous restaurants along the banks of the iconic canals.

buon appetito

During your time in Venice, be sure to venture to nearby Verona — home to Juliet’s famed balcony, Castelvecchio and the most delicious risotto you will ever taste. The rice is grown just outside Verona, so you’ll find this staple dish featured on most menus and it will often be prepared with seafood, such as risotto nero (black squid ink).


Whether you arrive the night before your voyage or delight in an overnight stay, Venice is a beautiful sight when the sun sets. The city returns to the custody of locals, who meet their friends at bacari (wine bars) to discuss the day’s events while snacking, often on small-plate dishes known as cicheti. There’s no better or tastier way to get a true slice of Venetian life.

Experience Even More Flavors of Italy


Drive south through the beautiful Tuscan countryside, where the ancient Etruscans produced a variety of wines. The region is still renowned for its outstanding wines, as you will discover at Guado al Melo estate. There you will learn about their wine-making philosophy and sample a selection of wines, including their signature blend of cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot.

Indulge your senses with the spectacular beauty and flavors of Italy along the renowned Amalfi Drive. This narrow road winds alongside the rocky cliffs overlooking the sea, and offers breathtaking vistas of the Italian Riviera. En route to Amalfi, stop for a typical Italian-style lunch at a lovely restaurant. Once in Amalfi, stop at one of the cafés for an espresso.

Delight in an unforgettable drive through Santa Venerina to a Sicilianestate that affords fine views over the fertile valley. Grapevines blanket the fields and the resulting wine is certified Etna, which has a distinct flavor from the lava-based soil. After the winery tour, enjoy a wine tasting with local products and learn about the different qualities of wine produced on the estate.

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