Randall Soy: Alaska is simply extraordinary

Alaska is simply extraordinary.

I say this because I’ve had the privilege of sailing Alaska’s Inside Passage many times. And each time I’ve come away with a brand new experience, from trekking through a rainforest to taking a helicopter to the top of a glacier to proposing to my then-girlfriend at a Russian-built cathedral. This summer, I am planning on returning to the Last Frontier with my wife (she said yes!) and our children, and in this three-part blog series, I’ll share what we are most looking forward to seeing and doing.

Our voyage aboard Seven Seas Mariner will take us through Southeastern Alaska calling on the ports of Sitka, Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan before culminating in my hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. As you can imagine the kids (and their dad) are most excited about seeing whales – but that’s just the beginning.

Get a glimpse of the extraordinary moments that await us next summer (and possibly you too), as well as a sampling of our FREE Unlimited Shore Excursions that are on our list:

Whale Watching Along Mendenhall Glacier


From Juneau, we will embark a waterjet-powered catamaran that has been specially-designed for wildlife viewing toward the humpback’s favored feeding spot, Stephen’s Passage. The captain is able to maneuver the vessel for optimal viewing and photographic opportunities, and also deploys an underwater hydrophone so that we may listen to the whales as they communicate. Best of all, the catamaran has an onboard naturalist that explains the behavior and habitat of the humpback whale.

Bears at Tongass Rainforest


From Ketchikan, we will journey into the pristine Tongass Rainforest. While on our walk, our guide will lead us to a viewing platform across from a cascading waterfall, that gives us the perfect view of the abundant wildlife found at this location. We may even be able to catch a glimpse of a bear or two, or a bald eagle soaring overhead. I’ll be sure to have my camera with me as the scenery is simply spectacular.

The Alaska Raptor Center


From Sitka, we can visit the Alaska Raptor Center. This Bald Eagle Center operates with bird care professionals assisted by volunteers to rescue birds, provide them with rehabilitative care and hopefully release them back into the wild. We get to participate in a presentation with one of the Center’s resident birds and then we will be able to view the flight center, clinic window and outside deck habitat areas on your own.

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  1. Helen Kam says:

    Your trip sounds amazing. Our previous experiences with that part of the world was similar.
    However along with 7 of my travelling companions my experience with Regent SS NAVIGATOR on our Panama cruise in 2015 was memorable for all the WRONG reasons!
    THE NOUSY VIBRATIONS from the engine prevented a good night’s sleep on our 21 day cruise. ‘A positive luxury experience’ …It was NOT!
    To date we have not had a satisfactory response from Regent Cruises or their parent company NCL.
    I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone

  2. Connie Burke says:

    Always glad to hear of your experiences. You are a fabulous representative of Regent!!!

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