Q & A with Executive Director of Culinary Enrichment Chef Kathryn Kelly

chef-kellyWith over three decades of experience in the culinary industry, Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ Executive Director of Culinary Enrichment Chef Kathryn Kelly has spent plenty of time at sea and traveling around the world. Following a high-profile career in a multi-billion dollar Fortune enterprise, Chef Kelly enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America and accepted a prestigious position at the Culinary Institute of America before joining Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Chef Kelly brings passion, dedication and unrivaled skill aboard Seven Seas Explorer.

To truly experience a destination, Chef Kelly believes you must first taste its food and wine.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of attending a cooking class in the Culinary Arts Kitchen?

 First and foremost, we want our guests to thoroughly enjoy themselves and have fun. Our curriculum is based on three fundamentals:

  • Teaching culinary techniques that chefs use every day.
  • Building a recipe and skills repertoire that guests can easily transfer to their home kitchens.
  • Exploring cuisines, spices, recipes and ingredients from our ports of call.

It’s important to note that Regent Seven Seas Cruises has made a significant investment in building a culinary facility that rivals any cooking school on land. With 18 individual stations, the Culinary Arts Kitchen sets the bar as the premier, state-of-the-art culinary school on land or at sea.

In addition to culinary classes, guests can join you and your chefs for Gourmet Explorer Tours.  What’s unique about these culinary excursions?

SS-92091245-BarcelonaI designed each and every Gourmet Explorer Tour for Seven Seas Explorer. Having traveled the world for 40 years as an intrepid gourmet chef, I decided that these tours were a perfect way to share my secret and special places with our guests. For instance, in Rhodes, guests spend the day with a Greek family in their restaurant, while in Barcelona guests go behind-the-scenes of a Michelin-starred restaurant and explore the magic of molecular gastronomy.  I begin the design of each tour with a simple question: “A visit to this port would not be complete without experiencing…”

How do the Gourmet Explorer Tours and the classes at the Culinary Arts Kitchen intersect?

 IOlives am passionate about travel, teaching and learning – and there is no better place where those passions merge than with the Gourmet Explorer Tours and the classes at the Culinary Arts Center aboard Seven Seas Explorer. I can buy fish in Corfu and use them in a Greek cooking class that day. I can take guests to an olive farm in Spain and actually show them how we make extra virgin olive oil. I can introduce our guests to the perfect Bandol rosé, in the garden of a renown French chef -who cooks us lunch from the herbs, vegetables and fruits he harvested as the sun came over the Côte d’Azur.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. judith brant says:

    This sounds so wonderful and exciting. I am just so disappointed that the classes and tours were filled when we tried to sign up, even though it was the first day the sign up was available. Alas, we are still anxiously awaiting our cruise on the maiden voyage.

  2. Margaret lauletta says:

    This was the highlight of my voyage on the new regent explorer. The classes and culinary tours were outstanding. The ship is beautiful and Chef Kelly made my trip outstanding. Don’t miss it!!!

  3. R. Bamonti says:

    Husband and I are familiar with Chef Kelly,. Previously she was Culinary Arts Chef aboard Oceania. We are booked for trans Atlantic on Explorer in Fall of 2017. We seem to be unable to find info regarding Culinary classes. We don’t want to miss out and find the classes full or not being held. Does anyone know where and how to find the answers?

  4. Gordon Ewing says:

    You can book the culinary classes either online via the REgent website or by ringing the office in Southampton. Book early – we did for our Explorer Cruise that finished this week. Otherwise you will be disappointed as there was a waitlist of 10+ for each course. We did the Gone Fishing course which was brilliant.

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