The Fine Art of Cruising

From the immense Hermitage in St. Petersburg to the extraordinary collection of fine art in Riga, art lovers can witness the world’s most breathtaking masterpieces during an incredible voyage across Northern Europe. Your passion for art and travel will awaken as you journey through historical landmarks, magnificent castles and the remnants of powerful empires. These wonderful museums bring new experiences and, most notably, the right to say, “I’ve been there.”

St. Petersburg, Russia

There is something for everyone at the Winter Palace, the winter residence of the Imperial family dating back to the 1700s and located in the heart of the city of St. Petersburg. The Hermitage collections feature some of the best examples of fine art through the ages including a large number of paintings by the Italian Renaissance artist, Titian, numerous large scale canvases by the Dutch master, Rembrandt including The Return of the Prodigal Son, The Descent from the Cross, and Saskia as Flora to name a few.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dutch history and art beckon in Amsterdam, which claims to house over 140 galleries and 40 museums. From the phenomenal collection at the national Rijikmuseum that features Rembrandt’s masterpiece The Night Watch, to the Van Gogh Museum which houses the largest collection of the 19th century master’s paintings and drawings in the world. Delve deeper into the painter’s life and work as you browse among the various paintings and drawings on display.

 Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is an art and architectural delight with many fine and impressive buildings, designed by eminent Finnish architects. In the heart of the surrounding countryside, visit Tarvaspaa, the former home and studio of Finland’s national painter, Akseli Gallen-Kallela. Located in a charming park at the edge of the sea, the house was built around 1912 and designed by the artist himself. Gallen-Kallela’s works and the story of his colorful life are on display here, together with exhibits by other famous artists depicting the Finnish way of life.

 Riga, Latvia

Discover the diversity of art and architectural styles in Riga with a visit to the Riga Bourse Museum. The exposition will take you through the history of Latvian fine art from the mid-18th century to 1945. View the masterpieces of famous Latvian painters such as Rozentals, Purvitis, Padegs and many more. While in the museum, don’t miss the fascinating exhibition of paintings by the famous Russian painter and philosopher Nicholas Roerich.

Next summer, sail across Northern Europe and discover world-class collections of fine art that will simply take your breath away.  Which Regent Seven Seas Cruises® port is home to your favorite museum?