Jason Montague: One of our secrets to luxury is spaciousness

We’ve celebrated several significant milestones in the construction of Seven Seas Explorer®, from her keel laying to the announcement of her cooking school, the Culinary Arts Kitchen, to the unveiling of her suites to an intimate group of Seven Seas Society members. I recently had the opportunity to tour Seven Seas Explorer in Genoa and even though not a single piece of marble was set or exquisite artwork was hung, she already exudes an incredible sense of luxury.

I stood in the center of the atrium and, although the space was bustling with activity and workers, I could already perceive its elegance and grandeur. I walked to the exterior deck of the Canyon Ranch SpaClub®, where the infinity plunge pool has already taken shape and could already see that this area will be a guest-favorite. One of the other elements that struck me was the spaciousness of our suites, especially its balconies. I can envision our guests enjoying their glass of champagne and watching the islands of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean appear on the horizon.

I cannot wait to see her emerge from the shipyard and I also look forward to seeing the reactions of our guests as they finally get to experience the most luxurious ship ever built.

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