Natural Wonders of South America

Encounter South America’s ever-changing landscapes in a continent of sublime contrasts. Silver-blue Chilean Fjords give way to lush, emerald lagoons. The searing hot rhythms of Buenos Aires echo the shaded cool whisper of Peru’s colonial Spanish cathedrals. And the natural wonder of Petrohue Falls will take your breath away. Here is fire and ice, the wild pampas, indigo mountains at the bottom of the world, ancient empires in the clouds, and the down-to-earth pleasures of vibrant, inviting ports.

Pisco, Peru – Paracas National Reserve

Considered one of the richest ecosystems in the world, this protected park is home to abundant marine and bird life.

Puerto Montt, Chile – Petrohue Falls

Take in glorious views of the Osorno Volcano and emerald-colored waterfalls of Petrohue.

Chilean Fjords – Pacific Ocean

Covering more than 1,000 miles and offering incandescent glaciers, massive icebergs and stunning vistas from the magnificent Andes, the Chilean Fjords is a must-visit destination.

Ushuaia, Argentina – Tierra del Fuego

This 150,000-acre park gets its name from the forest were damaged by fires long ago and are almost ghostlike today, with stark pale gray trunks standing in contrast against the backdrop of lush green vegetation.

Port Stanley, Falkland Islands – Bluff Cove Lagoon

On Bluff Cove Lagoon are 1,000 breeding pairs of Gentoo penguins and a growing colony of King penguins and their chicks.

Punta del Este, Uruguay – Sea Wolves Island

Sea Wolves Island, known locally as Isla de Lobos, is home to the world’s largest colony of non-migrating sea lions.

Experience all of these wonders on the 21-night Passage to Patagonia voyage aboard Seven Seas Mariner® departing Lima on January 31, 2016.

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