Introducing our New Seven Seas Society Manager, Jason O’Keefe

The Seven Seas Society is an esteemed family of past guests who share in a passion for exploring the world’s greatest destinations without exception and without compromise. This exclusive group of luxury travelers returns time and time again, anticipating an unforgettable experience during each voyage.

Jason O’ Keefe, our Seven Seas Society manager, is the source behind exceeding our loyal guests’ expectations. Keeping busy between phone calls and mail correspondences, Jason is a champion for our guests and strives to make sure every wish, every whim and every want are always met with gratifying luxuries.

Tell us a little about your role as the Seven Seas Society manager.

First, let me say that I’m extremely honored to work closely with our loyal past guests.  Many are eager to share their recent voyage memories and are passionate about expressing new ideas on how we can continue to exceed their expectations. As the Seven Seas Society manager, I ultimately manage all of our past guest engagement through phone calls and mail correspondence as well as hosting shipboard and shore-side events.  I encourage our past guests to reach out to me at any time or if they have questions by emailing me at

What are the greatest benefits to being a member of Seven Seas Society?

The benefits get better the more you sail with Regent Seven Seas Cruises.  A popular loyalty benefit that our guests enjoy is our free unlimited internet service for Gold guests that have sailed for 75 nights.  It’s wonderful to have the flexibility to stay in touch with your loved ones or to manage business from afar.  Our free unlimited laundry service is also quite popular and something our Platinum guests are delighted to receive once 200 nights have been completed.

What is your absolute favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of the job is hearing from our guests and listening to all the details that made their most recent voyage memorable. I still smile every time I learn about a guest’s surprise upon entering their suite for the first time and are amazed at how spacious it is.  I also love hearing about the moments when a guest recognized their favorite staff member from a previous voyage and how it made them feel like it was coming back home again.

What are some of the reasons loyal Regent Seven Seas Cruises guests return so often? 

Our guests continue to return time and time again for the genuine camaraderie they experience aboard our six-star ships, and for the sense of unpretentious belonging.  Regent is casual and so many of our guests appreciate this attribute. They appreciate the inclusive nature that we offer without all of the hassle.  It’s worry-free cruising that allows our guests to relax and to truly enjoy the vacation as it was intended to be taken.

Why is it important for cruisers to fill out the End of Cruise Comment Card?

It’s important to hear back from our guests because we strive to be the most inclusive luxury experience. Thanks to their input, we know how much destinations matter to them and we responded by offering free unlimited shore excursions.  More recently, we’ve added free pre- or post- land programs on select voyages to Asia and Africa that allow guests to see more before or after their cruise.

What cruise recommendations do you have for experienced luxury travelers?

For our most seasoned travelers, I recommend a couple of noteworthy voyages including our Flavors of Northern Europe and Journey to the Artic itineraries sailing in June 2016. These two voyages can be combined for a 25-night journey beginning in London, England and ending up in Reykjavik, Iceland.  The first voyage features the North Atlantic coastal French ports of Saint-Malo, Pont-Aven and Bordeaux; Gijon and Bilbao in Spain before heading up towards the English Isles of Ireland and Scotland.  Finally, the second leg of the journey culminates with the colorful sights of fishing villages in Greenland and the spectacular fjords in Iceland.

Which region would you recommend first-time Regent Seven Seas Cruises® travelers to sail? 

For our first-time guests, I suggest the Mediterranean since there is really something for everyone.  There are many places to see historical ruins, famous architecture or, my personal favorite, tasting authentic regionally inspired cuisine.

Where are you planning to cruise next? 

My travel plans take me to the shores of the Mediterranean later this summer for a chance to meet with some our loyal guests sailing on Seven Seas Mariner®.  Later this fall, I hope to experience the fall foliage on Seven Seas Navigator® as she traverses the Maritimes and New England coast.

Upon completing your first voyage, you are automatically enrolled and welcomed into the Seven Seas Society®. Membership confers a host of exclusive and valuable rewards and benefits designed to add even more value to your future voyages. Visit our website to learn more about the exclusive Seven Seas Society membership.

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  1. Myra Shaughnessy says:

    Silver level, a Penthouse Cabin, and booking shore excursions the day they are available, mean nothing! I had two bad experiences.

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