Six off-the-beaten-path ports for 2016

Those who live for the journey revel in the opportunity to travel to places less frequented. And there is no better way to explore off-the-beaten-path than aboard Regent Seven Seas Cruises®.

As part of the new 2016 Summer & Fall Collection, six new exotic ports were added, from a remote village in Papua New Guinea to a pristine natural wonderland in Canada. These majestic places bring new experiences to a world traveler and, most notably, it earns them the right to say, “I’ve been there.”

Agadir, Morocco

Located along North Africa’s Atlantic coastline in the shadow of the Atlas Mountains, modern Agadir is a posh, upscale resort offering delicious sun-drenched days and activities from tennis, horseback riding and golf to stretching out on a golden sand beach. Visitors looking for a memento can bargain in the colorful souks. Dining options range from traditional Moroccan dishes to French and International cuisine. Excursions can take you to ageless Berber villages, or you can indulge the senses in the scenic Souss Valley and the High Atlas.

Visit Agadir aboard Seven Seas Explorer® on the 10-night Illustrious Iberia itinerary.

Alotau, Papua New Guinea

Alotau is one of the world’s last great frontiers. This port is the gateway to a land of thriving tribal cultures, smoldering volcanoes and the vast pristine mountainous rainforests of Papua New Guinea, as well as many historical memorials and relics from the Battle of Milne Bay during WWII. If you stay in town, stroll along the bustling harbor filled with fishing boats, outriggers and small ferries to arrive at the market. Delight in the scents and tastes of fresh tropical fruits from pineapples to guavas to kumquats.

Visit Alotau aboard Seven Seas Voyager® on the 21-night Pristine Pacific Rim itinerary.

Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city and industrial center. Its renaissance came with the French protectorate under its first resident general, Lyautey. It was largely his ideas on public works and the layout of the new city which gave Casablanca its wide boulevards, public parks and fountains, and imposing Moresque civic buildings.

Visit Casablanca aboard Seven Seas Explorer® on the 10-night Illustrious Iberia itinerary.

Gaspé, Canada

Upon arriving, guests quickly understand why National Geographic magazine rates this town in the Top 50 must-see places in the world. Along the Upper Saint Lawrence River, Gaspé provides some of the oldest and most intriguing attractions. Its unique geography consists of lush arboreal forests, 350-million-year-old mountains and hundreds of crystal rivers that teem with salmon and trout. Grand vistas of land and sea are abundant, making binoculars essential to glean spectacular looks at unspoiled habitats. The mixture of French history with so many other diverse cultural elements also highlights the distinct Gaspésien community.

Visit Gaspé aboard Seven Seas Mariner® on the 10-night Autumn Delights itinerary.

Nauplion, Greece

Nauplion is one of Greece’s most beautiful towns with narrow streets, elegant Venetian houses and gracious neoclassical mansions. In the 13th century, following Byzantine rule, the Franks, Venetians and Turks each took possession, leaving behind architectural monuments and traces of their culture. Take in the recently reopened Archeological Museum in Constitution Square, with a collection that includes pottery, jewelry, and some unique Mycenaean terracotta idols; and the National Gallery-Alexandros Soutzos Museum, with a permanent exhibition of paintings of the Greek War of Independence, as well as frequently changing temporary exhibits of local artists’ work.

Visit Nauplion aboard Seven Seas Explorer® on the 8-night Masters & Legends itinerary.

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

This bustling city is home to extravagant open-air markets that buzz with commerce, fascinating architecture and historical museums. Immersed in palms and vine-consumed Ficus trees is Parque Vargas where sloths can often be seen inching from branch to branch. Enjoy a ride on the aerial tram through the rainforest canopy at Braulio Carillo National Park. Or take a boat ride through the Tortuguero Canals or the Estero Negro Estuary, the rich jungle tapestry all around while watching for colorful birds, monkeys, iguanas, sloths, crocodiles and the legendary iridescent Blue Morpho, the largest butterfly in South America.

Visit Puerto Limon aboard Seven Seas Mariner® on the 14-night Holiday Warmth itinerary.

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