Sail, Sip & Savor Exotic Lands

By Mara Papatheodorou, your Tastes & Traditions Expert

Savvy travelers revel in the opportunity to journey to places less frequented. And there is no better way to explore the tastes and traditions of wondrous places like Asia, Africa, the South Pacific and exotic South America than aboard Regent Seven Seas Cruises.

Imagine sipping tea made from leaves plucked from the garden of a Vietnamese farmer who welcomes you for a tour of his property near Saigon, or sampling a bold pinotage in Durban after an unforgettable safari through the Tala Game Reserve. And is there anything more thrilling than celebrating the conclusion of your day in Bora Bora with an unforgettable dinner that features the traditional Poisson Cru, or sipping a delicious glass of award-winning Chilean wine after a scenic drive to the heart of Casablanca in Valparaíso? Wherever you choose to spend your days, you will create your own mouthwatering memories to treasure.


Modern & Ancient Asia

Half a world away, ancient dragons, exotic jade landscapes and the dynamic cities of the Pacific Rim await. Discover the definitive Down Under as you cruise New Zealand’s dramatic Milford Sound, India’s temples and spice-scented bazaars to Bali, ‘the most beautiful place on earth,’ from the prehistoric denizens of Komodo to the sights and tastes of multicultural Singapore.

Featured port: Singapore, Singapore

Adventures in Africa

Ancient and mysterious, the wonders Africa will enchant the most experienced traveler. Cape Town has long been regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful cities. And in Mahé, the nearby reefs and pristine marine national parks are a snorkeler’s paradise. While Durban delights the traveler with its colorful mosaic of ethnic neighborhoods and memorable excursions to game reserves and the traditional lifestyle of the Zulu people.

Featured port: Durban, South Africa

Idyllic Tahiti & Hawaii

Are there any islands in the world as beautiful as the islands of French Polynesia and Hawaii? Doubtful. From the magnificent views of flora and fauna, to the stunning beaches and emerald waters, to the hospitable people who live here, you will love these idyllic islands and never want to leave.

Featured port: Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Vistas of South America

Encounter South America’s ever-changing landscapes in a continent of sublime contrasts.  Here is fire and ice, the wild pampas, indigo mountains at the bottom of the world, ancient empires in the clouds, and the down-to-earth pleasures of vibrant, inviting ports. Silver-blue Chilean Fjords give way to lush, emerald Amazon rain forests. The searing hot rhythms of Buenos Aires echo those of Rio’s Copacabana.

Featured port: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mara Papatheodorou Mara Papatheodorou is a Master Foodie, a Tastes & Traditions Expert and a nationally established entertaining specialist. She has interpreted the cuisine and experienced the culture of over 65 countries worldwide. As an 11 year Contributing Editor at BON APPETIT Magazine, Mara scouted and produced the Entertaining with Style section that highlighted how real people entertain around the country and the world and was editor of their international editions. She works as a consultant with food companies developing recipes, menus and promotional campaigns.

Mara is the Tastes & Traditions Expert for Regent Seven Seas Cruises where she lectures regularly about the history of cuisine and culture and what to sip and savor in various ports. Watch her dining and wine tour videos on our website under multimedia.

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