More to Explore: Brazil

Exotic adventure, scintillating skylines and irresistible samba beats come to mind when planning a Brazilian vacation. There are few countries as diverse and dynamic as this in South America – let alone the world. Brazil’s unique geography spans from the heart of the Amazon rainforest all the way to the great rivers that border Uruguay, making it the perfect destination to explore aboard the mid-size, all-suite ships of Regent Seven Seas Cruises®.

Brazil’s beauty is better seen than told, which is why we’ve collected seven images of our favorite sights. Share your favorite places, ports or experiences from your voyage across Brazil in the comment section below. Enjoy…

Iguazú Falls

Iguazú Falls

It was widely reported that First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed “Poor Niagara!” when she visited Iguazú Falls. You can experience the extraordinary natural beauty of these waterfalls on the pre- or post-cruise Extraordinary Land Program, Iguazú Falls Experience, which offers a closer-than-ever look at this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Beaches of Búzios

Beaches of Búzios

The tiny fishing village of Búzios, just 105 miles from Rio de Janeiro, is considered one of the ten most beautiful spots in the world. Take a comfortable schooner cruise along the pristine islands and then lounge on a magnificent beach while sipping delicious caipirinhas.

Meeting of the Waters

Rio Solimoes

The “Meeting of the Waters” takes place near Santarém, where the waters of the two rivers run side by side and can be clearly seen, each bearing its own individual color. The Solimões River forms the lighter half, its ‘cafe au lait’ coloring owed to the rich sediment that runs down from the Andes Mountains. The darker side is the Rio Negro, and it gets its ‘black tea’ hue from leaf and plant matter dissolved in the water.

Rio Grande do Sul

Rio Grande do Sul

Established in 1737 by the Portuguese, Rio Grande do Sul is the only seaport of the Brazilian State and the most important trading center due to its strategic location. Explore this lovely city, its gracious squares and beautiful churches. Visit the Museum of Sacred Art and the fascinating Oceanographic Museum.

Ipiranga Park

Ipiranga Park

Ipiranga Park, near São Paulo, is a peaceful oasis containing some of the most poignant artifacts of Brazil’s history. Within the park you will find a sprawling museum and the Ipiranga Monument, which marks the historic site where Emperor Pedro I of Brazil declared independence from Portugal. This is just one of the many places you can visit on a Regent Choice Shore Excursion to São Paulo.

Copacabana Beach


Copacabana captures the rhythm and beauty of Rio de Janeiro. This lengthy crescent-shaped stretch of sand is truly the place to be. You can expect the beach to be bustling, and that is much of the appeal, as you will experience a true slice of Carioca life. There may be children playing soccer, families frolicking in the surf, and people of all ages walking up and down the shoreline for miles.

Corcovado & Christ the Redeemer

Corcovado & Christ the Redeemer

New York has the Statue of Liberty. Paris has the Eiffel Tower. Dubai has the Burj Al Arab hotel. And, of course, Rio de Janeiro has Christ the Redeemer. Journey to the top of Corcovado Mountain aboard a cog railway and, upon reaching the upper terminus, you will be awe-struck by the magnitude of the 120-foot-high statue.

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