Bernhard Klotz: “As one of the most important elements of luxury cruising, our extravagant cuisine wows guests night after night.”

Bernhard Klotz is the Culinary Director for Regent Seven Seas Cruises. He is responsible for creating many of the signature dishes across the fleet.

Each night, our guests arrive at the dining room of their choice ready to experience the best Regent Seven Seas Cruises has to offer. Whether they want to dine in a contemporary American steakhouse that is Prime 7; the ship’s elegant main dining room serving Continental specialties that is Compass Rose; the beautiful Signatures that serves authentic French cuisine; or they want to indulge in the richest Italian food at sea at Sette Mari at La Veranda – dining aboard our ships is an experience all of its own.

As one of the most important elements of luxury cruising, our extravagant cuisine wows guests night after night. We use fresh, local produce from international markets, artisan cheeses and baked goods crafted from the finest imported French flour. But our secret ingredient is in the skill, passion and imagination of our on board culinary team. The executive chef leads the effort in the galley to make sure that the presentation is breathtaking and that each flavor is unforgettable.

And one of the most satisfying moments for our guests, having just feasted on a world-class meal, comes at the end of their dinner. This is when they realize that they will not be charged a premium or need not concern themselves with service fees or gratuities because those were all included in their voyage fares. Aboard our ships, our guests have come to expect our dining staff to deliver impeccable service and delicious dishes, but never a bill at the end of your meal. Instead, they will pull out your chair and wish you a good evening, whether you are headed to a show, to play a round at the casino or to enjoy a night cap.

As Culinary Director for our line, I have received many compliments from our guests about our food. They always say that they would have paid any amount of money to have their favorite dish delivered to them on land, but were so happy they didn’t have to pay for it while at sea. And I find it incredibly liberating not having to clutter our menus with prices or setting a flat fee that in the end will only deter guests from experiencing the delicious creations of our talented chefs.

I always like to hear from our past guests. Please share your favorite dish or your best restaurant experience aboard our ships in the comment space below.

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