Kunal S. Kamlani: No project can move forward without the input of our esteemed guests and loyal travel partners.

Last week Frank Del Rio, Chairman & CEO of Prestige Cruise Holdings, and I were honored to welcome a small group of Florida-based past guests, travel partners and media to our Headquarters in Miami for a roundtable discussion focusing on several key design elements for our new ship, Seven Seas Explorer, with a specific focus on the layout for the closets and bathrooms.

Accommodating 738 guests, the ship will be the luxury line’s third all-suite, all-balcony ship. At 54,000 gross-registered tons, Seven Seas Explorer will be the most spacious vessel in the Regent Seven Seas Cruises fleet.

Building the most luxurious cruise ship of the 21st century is a team effort – from the senior leadership team to the officers, staff and crew that will call Seven Seas Explorer home. But no project of this magnitude can properly move forward without the input of our esteemed guests and loyal travel partners.

This was the thought that inspired Frank and I to host a session where the senior leadership team including Randall Soy, Executive Vice President of Sales, Robin Lindsay, head of Vessel Operations and Franco Semeraro, head of Hotel Operations could present preliminary design ideas for Seven Seas Explorer to a group that would provide candid feedback.

And an animated discussion it was. There was considerable dialogue, as Frank outlined the conceptual inspiration for Seven Seas Explorer and went through material boards, colors and designs for various public venues and suites.

After the initial presentation, we went to a local design studio where a total of three mock-up bathroom and closet designs were available for the group to experience first-hand. Each mock-up was built exactly to scale so our guests could enter the bathrooms and closets in order to provide detailed feedback on layouts and amenities. There was consensus over spaciousness and then some spirited conversations with varying opinions on what was most important. Some liked a large shower while others preferred bathtubs with a separate shower. As for the closets, most of our guests and travel partners expressed their preference for more space to hang clothing over drawers.

We ended our day with a delicious lunch at a local restaurant where we shared our favorite memories from past voyages and made plans for future sailings. I’m deeply grateful to those that shared this day with us and I look forward to more discussions and input from all of our guests and travel partners. As a matter of fact, you can let us know your design vision for Seven Seas Explorer in the comment space below.

Kunal S. Kamlani is the president of Regent Seven Seas Cruises. He oversees the overall strategic marketing, sales, e-commerce, public relations, promotions and procurement for the world’s most inclusive luxury cruise line. 


  1. Multiple specialty restaurants, a kitchen classrooom, and a state-of-the-art spa. Think of those on the Oceania Riviera and Marina….

  2. Closet: light switch on outside
    Bathroom: larger shower than Voyager; no tub. Nightlight
    Vanity: like Mariner; Voyager’s is to small. include railing (Mariner)
    Beds: an inch higher so modern suitcases fit under
    Sitting area: make storage cabinets useable
    Restaurants: Add “pop” to specialty restaurants.

  3. Keep the closets large enough to change clothes in. More electric outlets please so we can recharge all our electronics at night while we sleep. Walking/jogging track that goes all the way around the ship without also doubling as an area for sun loungers.

  4. Please consider using LED lighting throughout…It will pay for itself just in the cost of engineering personell needed to change bulbs.

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